Don’t become a police officer due to the fact that you want to “help” the community.  You don’t need a badge to help others. If you’re still compelled to get a badge, then maybe you’re just looking for a paycheck and because you just want to take advantage of the badge by hurting poor people and asking for an excuse like “This man did something”?


I don’t believe that the police is actually giving us security

They act like they do so they can keep you distracted from questioning the status quo and as long as it benefits the ruling class or it’s because they’re not aware of what they’re doing. In a lot of cases, police responses are delayed and sometimes, a victim dies in the hands of a criminal. The mainstream media is all propaganda and keeps telling us that the police are our heroes and are saving us from criminals. They might be helping us against bad people but they aren’t even catching the real criminals, which are running the government(politicians). The war on drugs(OPLAN TOKHANG), war on crime, war on terror, etc…. doesn’t sound to me that they actually want to help us. To me, those wars means that their political masters wants to expand governmental power. As fear arises to the public thanks to mass media propaganda, politicians impose more taxation to achieve their political agendas for government to expand it’s power.

Now, if “our” policemen still wants to follow their will, that means they prefer to follow their political masters than to serve the people.

If you’re about to pursue the path of becoming a policeman/woman, please DON’T. You’re letting yourself become a part of a pure evil entity, which is the state , which is by serving them. And prior to becoming one, what you’re about to do is similar to those in military training. You will endure a series of training which is to brainwash you to obey authority. Want to protect others from bad people? You don’t need a badge. Own a gun. Like defending yourself and your family, what the police are doing is almost similar to that but the difference is that the police serves the state and at some point they will turn against you via doing their master’s bidding(Dictatorship).

And for those who wants to become a policeman also because they want to earn decent money, do something else. I don’t think that enslaving yourself to a entity is a good way for someone to make a living.











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