Technology had rapidly developed since the industrial revolution and it has changed peoples’ lives since then. Prior to that, our ancestors lived simple lives which they lived in rural villages, prefer to grow their own food, and only use simple machines. Thanks to technology, we are capable of travelling long distances(Including outer space), treat our illnesses, provide us entertainment like music, and other things that we can’t usually do.

The things that i enjoy which are created by technology are music, games, movies, and especially, the internet.

High technology

This is the type of technology that i usually dislike. Why? First, Because it aims to render our human body parts eventually useless. I believe that we are created full-functioning body parts(If you are not born without limb/s) to use them, not to build a machine that will do all other things for us without our intervention. The second thing is because i care about privacy. Like i said in my first article, we should not abdicate privacy and self-responsibility for the illusion of security. And also, without privacy, what’s the point of being human? Governments around the world, notably the N.S.A. is now spying on many citizens around the globe. And in the future, everyone might be required to implant RFID chips, which is i believe to be a form of enslavement. What’s terrifying is when our world turns into a totalitarian government, the tyrant will know everything about the populace, if privacy is to be abdicated. We are screwed at this point.

Am i a Luddite?

The answer is no, not necessarily. While i despise the technology that can make our bodies useless, i also do not endorse the idea of going back to stone age.  But i will continue to use some gadgets that are already obsolete, if it still has a purpose(Partially, it’s for nostalgia tho). And also, i would support a technology if it can also save us from mass extinction event.

I might do accept the fact that it could be inevitable that high technology would evolve and society will use it, i just hope that the bad things won’t happen as i expected.



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