A lot of people confuse education with learning. They believe that one is intelligent if the person had graduated from one of the most elite colleges(E.g. Harvard,). They also judge a person’s intelligence based on his grades in school. If someone is A+ he is intelligent and for the grades of D and F the person is dumb. Most people want education because they want to get a good job or a high-power paying job.

What are really the differences between learning and education or are they the same things?

As i, who have been enrolled into the education system even though i was “educated” in a private school(I almost see no difference between governments school and private schools here in the PH, except for maybe, international schools), school had bored me. Not because i’m lazy, but it’s due to my personal beliefs, learning problems(Triggered by teaching me things that i don’t want to learn), and probably because simply i have a different goal in life. In my school years, i often get low grades and suprisingly i passed nearly all levels except my 3rd year level, where i was forced to repeat the same level. I hardly learned anything there and i was also forced to learn subjects that i hate especially mathematics. And what i also imagine there is that i feel like i’m in a prison camp.

Since being unschooled for nearly 2 years now, i have never felt freer and had learned more new things than ever before!

Now here are the differences between learning and education.
Life always teaching us things, whether we notice it or not. It teaches us lessons by giving us experiences. We cannot not learn at all. For the education system, this is when the school system programs your mind by indoctrinating you with often, false ideas and beliefs, while the average person denies or even defends this.

Thanks to the internet, we can now learn new informations and skills without letting yourself get indoctrinated in schools. And by travelling, you can also learn a lot!

And also if you want to go to school and get a diploma just because you want a “job” and be validated by others, you might need to reevaluate that. I think that the only reasonable excuses for that is if you aim to become an engineer, doctor, pilot, etc…. but otherwise, forget about schooling. You’ll most likely to be corrupted for many years of your life.

And if you still aim to get a “job” unless you want to be like i mentioned above, forget about it too. What is job? Why do we need to work 8 hours for five days in a week, stuck in traffic, and only have a very little time for relaxation and enjoyment?

Instead of that, why don’t you think about what services can you offer to the people? Become an entrepreneur.

So, i believe that nobody is dumb or even born dumb, it’s only a matter of thinking.



  1. My own experience








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