The police doesn’t actually care about the average citizens. They work for the state, for politicians, and other powerful people. You might argue that they provide people a protection against bad people a.k.a criminals. Yeah, they may be able to do that but in reality, they’re just a group of thugs that listen to criminals and psychopaths wearing costumes(a.k.a politicians). They act like they want to protect citizens from crime but only as long as it benefits their political masters. In the most cases bad people only want to take over your property, but the policemen in general wants to take over your life, security, and maybe even your property(Especially during the state of siege).

Now, i’m not trying to tell you to team up with criminals but why do you need worse thugs to protect you from other thugs?


I would consider to be related to my previous article “Security is an illusion” because i wonder why does the regular citizens here in the philippines trust these policemen very much for protection even if they become oppressive and killing many innocent lives in the OPLAN tokhang.

Look, just because i distrust the police doesn’t mean i side with the criminals. I just want you to know that the police doesn’t work for the people and you need to realize that you can’t rely on their security because of what you think it is. Who knows when they will eventually betray us by following tyrant’s bidding so we need to take security in our own hands.

If this makes me a criminal then so be it.

*”We need police so we can be protected from people who will steal from, kidnap, and kill us”*

This is the most common arguments i hear from police apologists. Now, the problem here is that most regular citizens everywhere don’t see policemen as normal human beings, they see them like they’re from a higher power(Which is authority) that can save them. People have learned from childhood that they can be saved by authorities, so as a result they often look for a savior that can “save” them from danger. If all of them are actually saviors, why do they still follow orders from those political scumbags? Look at the history.

The policemen of hitler(Nazi Germany), Stalin(USSR), Batista(CUBA), and Amin(Uganda) had actually done more crimes than regular citizens. Are the mass murders a result of people who don’t follow orders or who don’t obey laws? NO. It is done by the people who follows order.


*”It is for your own safety”*

Law abiding citizens(a.k.a mental slaves) just unquestionably follow laws no matter how ridiculous they are. Laws that are for safety as they claim like the “Helmet law”, “Smoking ban”, “Seatbelt law”, you name it….as arguments just because they claim it is for “everyone’s good” and if someone breaks this, they could be extorted in the form of “fine”. Do you call that “it’s for your safety? You have to be extorted for it, really? With police routinely patrolling? If that is the case then, that’s more than a reason that they actually work for the state and they want to take over your life.

If those policemen actually works for the people, shits like routine checkpoints, and that goddamn drug war wouldn’t be necessary and to those policemen of dictatorships, they will immediately overthrow the ruler.

But they don’t.

So therefore they work for those political scumbags.

And what’s the point of the law trying to “protect” us if we’re going to be extorted(fines) for a victimless crime and then threatened with violence if we try to resist being kidnapped(arrest)?

If you really think the police is actually protecting every citizens, you are brainwashed. You should turn off your tv, it’s controlling our minds…..


The notion that we need thieves, and murderers so that we can be protected from thieves and murderers is just utterly INSANE.


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