This post is not related to any political ideologies but i decided to make this the first part of the you own yourself series because we human beings should start taking ownership of our lives……..

Many of us might not realize this but in reality, we are ALONE. We are. We’re all born alone, going to die alone, and not a single person on this planet can read every moment of your thoughts(Unless he has the ability to read others’ minds), not even your soulmate. Not that i’m being cynnical or being pessimistic, but this is the truth.

Only us ourselves have control of our emotions on being happy, sad, angry, etc…

If you can’t do that, nobody can.

Anything can go away

You need to realize that everything on this planet is temporary and that includes relationships with your lover, friends, and even your family. They will leave you, move to a new place and all of them will die eventually. You are the only one that will stay with you 24/7. This is a fact of life. Happiness is only a state of our mind and if we’re always dependent on external things around us, we will always be disappointed.

About loneliness


We human beings are social animals. We crave for connection with others. But why do many people believe that being alone equals to loneliness?   If they do, then maybe they fear being alone. While it’s a human nature to be lonely and even i experience loneliness sometimes but i find it absurd that being alone means loneliness. And this could also be the reason why many people rush into relationships or even marriage because of the fear of being single or dying alone.

Nobody can “save” you

Yes, nobody can. Stop looking for a hero to save you from yourself because you will always be a victim if you’re always dependent on others. You might think that your boyfriend/girlfriend, family, or friends will always be there for you but the truth is they won’t be there for you 100% at the time. While they do love to spend time with you, they also need time for other things.  And like said on the Anything can go away part, they will all be gone.

You own yourself so only you yourself is truly the one who is responsible for your emotions.

We need to see everyone else as being on the same position as you: wanting connection, not needing one and we have to realize that in the end, no one will save us.

So in the end of the day, we are all alone.



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