Ok, now this is my third article. I just would like to get this off my head because our world runs this way and i’m having a pressure because i previously had a conflict about myself between my actual beliefs vs the belief that most people have. Even though sure, there are some beliefs that are morally right that everyone believes like “do no harm to others”. I mean, what i’m telling is are the beliefs like the kind of beliefs that people are expected to live in like how you should think, how you should express yourself, what to listen to, what kind of religious belief that holds the absolute truth, and so on…

All of these things are only based on my personal views so you don’t have to agree with them 100%.

So here goes nothing:

What is CULTURAL Conditioning:
We have all grown up from different environments, different families, different genetics, different places, different governments, and so on
but what does cultural conditioning means? It means that the media, our peers, and authority figures such as parents, teachers, priests,politicians, and our friends, have influenced our view to the world. The majority of humans standards today are influenced by cultural conditioning based on what we like, in what we dislike, in what music do we like, in what clothes we like, and
more things.

What i think of SOCIAL Conditioning:
This is related to cultural conditioning. But i don’t think that it should be the sole source of morality. Sure, we shouldn’t steal stuff from other people, hurt or kill others but i don’t think manufactured laws are also to be the basis of it, like criminalizing things that doesn’t aim to harm other people. I believe that in a lot of cases people know what’s best for their own lives. They don’t really need to be dictated by other people, unless they get addicted in what they’re doing and need help to stop it. For example, i hate cigarrettes and i believe it’s immoral but if i see others smoking, would i try to force them to stop doing it by forcing them to swallow it while i point a gun at his head? NO.
I would just let them be and i will just walk away. It is a common belief that people are raised into, which is the belief that “People can’t do things without a gun pointed at them” a.k.a force. It’s an absurd concept. Also, if the person lives a lifestyle that you don’t like, just let them live their lives. Even if that lifestyle of theirs will not lead them a good life in YOUR opinion, just keep in mind that every actions they do has consequences and same for every individual.



Usually, i haven’t heard the term “social conditioning” before 2016 when i was wondering about the high standards set by some people.
Many people these days, have high expectations and almost all of these things came from popular culture. Wishing for a big house, being rich, having lots of cars, good looking clothes, and about being beautiful, these things
are being conditioned to people by popular culture. And i’m 100% certain that none of you readers will think that these things does not come from social conditioning because you know that if everyone else think this way, you think that you have to believe in it too. That is about cultural/social conditioning. Which means you’re values are based on what everyone else’s. You feel that if it’s not known very well, then it’s a bad thing
and if you think everyone else is doing it then your mind is telling you that you have to do it to, even if you don’t like them. For example like in religion, you might have let yourself get persuaded into the christian faith just because most of
your family and friends are believing in jesus. The demagogues you believe in by a well-known political candidate is also the product of cultural conditioning. And believing that the banks are safe just because the media tells everyone else says it is safe is also a product of cultural conditioning. But, i understand that because our brains have been initially wired this way. We like to be members of a group. We don’t want to be outcast from the tribe.We all want to blend in, like animals in a group. But have you already found out who you really are, still in a process of becoming one or could never be?  Probably most people have not yet self-actualized due to their environments. Many people, especially those in the western world are so busy that they  don’t even have enough time on how to reflect at themselves. And i’ve seen in many articles that the most common regret of people in their deathbed is living the life expected of them by others. When they’re still healthy, they prefered the path of life everyone lives in which is for example instead of pursuing their dream by doing what they love like becoming an author, making music, travel around the world, etc…They choose a life of which many people lives which are like going to college, getting married at 21, stuck in a job that they don’t like, or other lifestyles that are common in mainstream society. Yes, while it is true that whatever we consume in our mind, is what makes us
who we are. Have you ever questioned those beliefs, and are these the things you would like defend to the death?

Religious Dogmas:

The holy bible, which christians claim to be the absolute truth

Human beings are often, dogmatic creatures. They like to believe in things and not to question them. They believe that the authority has the answer and should be trusted to. Religious people are the examples of dogmatic people. Christians believe that the bible is the answer and muslims believe that quran is the answer but, both of the religions use scriptures that are written about 2000 years ago. Also, these two religions have originated from the middle east and are known to be from a group of religions called Abrahamic Religions. It is believed to be founded by abraham and he has created the 3 major faiths in this world today: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

Warning: Some of my statements here could be politically incorrect.


While me myself i was born and raised catholic, had been baptized by it’s church, and even took communions from it but right now i’m not religious. I just reached a point in my life where i feel that the faith isn’t working to me anymore. Here in the philippines, most of the citizens here are religious and unfortunately, christians are about to influence the government thanks to manny pacquiao. I just hope that he won’t start a crusade against the non-believers or even non-christians anytime soon LOL. Ok anyway, those conservative religious people, chances are they’ve been indoctrinated from birth very much, they came from the point that they used to be mentally tortured by their parents with their dogmatic beliefs so it gave them the thought that those beliefs are right. They’re so devoted to it that made some of them sometimes resort to extremist actions like rallying, Sabotaging music concerts, attacking some people, etc…..If you’re religious, i’ll be just fine being with you as long as you don’t try to shove them into my throat. So anyway, the catholic church is different from other christian denominations. The church is believed to be jesus’ church and advocates that catholics should also believe in whatever the priest preaches, rather than just to rely on the bible alone while the protestant churches’ pastors advocate that the followers of that cult should mostly rely on the bible. Many of them believe that the bible is actually god’s word and often think that catholics are worshipping a statue.

*Islam, a totalitarian ideology*

In islam, It’s sharia law had governed several countries, mostly the middle east. The Sharia Law is mostly influenced by the teachings of islam’s holy book called “quran”.  The law is known to be very intrusive, and restrictive and it is often reliant on draconian punishments.

These are the common laws in the sharia system:

  • Women are not allowed to take off their hijabs, particularly in public places
  • Women often do not have several rights including driving, leaving the country, and even voting without a male sponsor
  • A man can marry a girl as young as 9
  • Death penalty for apostasy in islam
  • Only men can have several wives while women can only have 1
  • Blasphemy is punishable by death
  • Theft is punishable by amputation
  • Muslims are expected to hate non-muslims

The sharia law system, works exactly the same as those totalitarian nations. No difference at all. Think about north korea, all aspects of life there are being controlled by it’s system. Same with sharia law in the middle east. Islam controls way of life there. Although, there are no concentration camps in the middle east and other countries governed by the system but potential law breakers are often dealt with severely. Both systems, the sharia law and totalitarian governments severely punish people who attempt to challenge or even question the law and are reliant on draconian punishments. They often use fear to control the populace, like training animals. While it depends on every countries in the middle east, countries like saudi arabia mainly pursues the sharia law. So by means in definition, islam is also a totalitarian ideology.

If there are muslim readers here, it’s not that i’m being a islamophobe. But it’s the truth, fear is often being used in the sharia system, includes using it to stop other muslims from renouncing from the faith as well…

Political Dogmas:

This is the most common one. First, i’ll be talking about “statism”, which is the most dangerous religion in this planet. If you never heard the term statism before, now i’m about to explain it here. Statists are your regular average people. They’re usually apolitical(like anarchists) but they believe in the legitimacy of authority, taxes, government, and they will eventually go to support & vote a political talkhead they see on tv if life starts to become too complicated for them. Statists are dogmatic people that follows and believes whatever the government tells them, which are the bills passing laws about this, about that, etc….. And even if some laws are ridiculous they’ll still follow it because they believe in the legitimacy of government.
Second,  i would like to talk about the fictional entity called the government.


A government works the same as religion but the president/king is a god, laws are the scriptures, prisons are the hell, voting is the prayer, the cabinet are the prophets, and public schools are churches. See it for yourself. That’s really how it functions. They control the populace the same as churches too, and use scapegoats(Like the church for example, they use satan) to achieve the elites’ political agenda.

Now, i don’t want to preach to you readers about anarchism but those 2 things have no difference at all. Same entity, same control. That’s what it really is.

And third, PROPAGANDAS. Without propaganda, no oppresive regime will last long and this is one of the most important tools to control the populace. You know why north koreans love Kim Jong Un so much right? That’s how the control to the populace continues.

TV propaganda, the most common form of propaganda

Propagandas do not not just exist in totalitarian dictatorships(Even though it is the most important there), it is also common in aiding for support in wars like the war on terror and war on drugs. It is also being used to bring fear to the populace, to control them, to brainwash them. The truth about propagandas is they’re all BIASED. It is just being used to manipulate the masses and to make profits from it by those political elites.


Peaceful Parenting vs Authoritarian-style parenting:

So, i just listened to a podcast and there was a family who doesn’t need the use of “control” to their kids. The parents had stated that their kids are behave and their kids doesn’t go to school. Now, i know that many people out there would often contradict this. I often hear these justifications like “Kids need strict discipline” or “Without authoritarian parenting, kids could go wild”, and crap like that. Well, the truth is these are all just myths. Where can you find the absolute proof that without authoritarian discipline, you can’t be moral? There maybe a few research of this but i don’t think one of them is right. You need to realize that authoritive parents usually lacks consideration to the needs of their kids but insists that they do and they had that attitude because they care for them so much. Me myself, i’m glad that i’ve been raised in a family that isn’t authoritative. If i did have then i might run away from the family LOL. But anyway, did that made me wild and troublesome just because i can’t be good without authoritative parenting by my parents? NO. Instead of physically or emotionally hurting me,  if i do something wrong they only tell me that it’s bad and as a kid, i’m always behaved. And because they are liberal parents, does that mean they care for me any less? NO. If  parents really does love their kids then, they should also consider the needs of their children.

While sure, parents can guide their kids in telling them what’s good or what’s bad but in the end, it’s up to the person whether if he want to be good or bad. It’s human nature.

Being different vs normal

I understand that we are programmed to fit in a group. We often fear about what others think of us. But aren’t we are all different already? Stop trying to become everyone else. Everyone of us have different looks, names, families, so there are no reasons for you to live his/her life. The mainstream culture isn’t helping. They tell you what to like, what to listen to, etc…. If we all look or think the same, doesn’t that make the world boring and meaningless?


We human beings have conscience, and those are the inner voice inside of us that tells us what’s right or what’s wrong. Unless a person is suffering from severe mental disorder that prevents him from thinking normally(e.g schizophrenia), i think that most people have no bad intentions against his fellow brother/sister. And to those people who do bad things: poverty, revenge, and disattisfaction are the most common roots of crimes, in my opinion. I believe that poverty can often cause crime, because the people who are doing this don’t have enough money to feed themselves, or their family, so sometimes they resort to stealing, robbery, or even murder just to be able to support their family. Revenge and dissatisfaction could be related to each other.  Some people think that seeking vengeance against the person who hurt them believes that attacking them could make them feel any better so they initiate a violent act against him.  Now to the dissatisfaction part, this is the reason people join gangs, do drugs, drink alcohol, and other vices. They’re the people who doesn’t know what to do with their lives, and are unhappy with life so sometimes they resort to these things. We are not perfect, we make mistakes, and we all have hard times in our lives that puts us down and i think everyone shouldn’t be expected to do “moral” things all the time.


Whether to follow societal norms or not, it’s your choice




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