Some might be wondering if slavery is still rampant across the world? The answer is YES. Government-induced slavery is one of the sources of slavery in the world today such as the modern-day gulags in North Korea, the debt slaves of america, and of course, Conscription a.k.a The Draft.



In the world today, there are still countries that has conscription and most of them, only men are being drafted. If they try to evade it, they often get imprisoned, barred from leaving the country,  barred from getting an employment, and in some cases, denied government privileges. Historically of course, all able-bodied men are being conscripted in many civilizations and during that time then if some of them objects to it or evaded it, they mostly get imprisoned or executed, which is common in that days and oftenly considers it an act of treason by their rulers. The reason why i consider it a form of slavery because it is an involuntary servitude. The man is being forced to enlist without his consent with the threat of imprisonment. And it’s not just a form of involuntary servitude, i believe that this is also a form of sexism, due to the fact that in most countries only men are being forced against their will to serve.

Common justifications for conscription:

Some say that it will “Discipline” men to become good citizens, and some say it will teach nationalism(By defending their beloved nation). These are the most common justifications from normal statistcitizens.  I mean do you really need “authority figures” to become a good human being?  How can’t you trust most of the other people you don’t know but other than the fictional entity known as the government? This could be caused by fear of the unknown. You think that if most people believe in them, you have to believe in it too. I know this before. Like not questioning about how the banking systems work. There are both good and bad people in this world and the kind of environment they’ve grown up is not all the same in both sides. Even if someone has been raised in a military household he could still be bad and if someone has been a raised without any foster companion he could also be good. Stop relating that idea to singapore because still they are all different. We should not base our attitudes from authority figures on becoming good to others. And lastly, nationalism is one of the things that separates all human beings. It often makes people hate others that they have never met and teaches you pride that you didn’t even do.  I don’t believe in nationalism and it should come to an end because it doesn’t actually help humanity in anyway.  Also, i hear some people justify conscription like ” People are benefitting from living in [[Country]] so they should comply to it”.  Well, isn’t that tyranny if you’re forcing someone to pay for something for the service he didn’t ask for?


Wars do nothing but to kill and destroy. Governments and kingdoms use it to profit from it, not by defeating an enemy. The elites makes money from wars. Don’t believe in the propagandas you see in the media and in the news about the war. They’re lying to you. Don’t believe in whatever they say. Governments doesn’t care about you. They only want to expand their power and profit from wars. I’m against any forms of involuntary servitude including conscription. This is why i don’t like mandatory r.o.t.c’s and c.a.t.(citizenship advancement training, which is like r.o.t.c) because they function the same as conscription. It strips off individuality from you, it breeds authoritarianism, it makes you subject to an authority, and it teaches you to be a part of a collective. One of the best ways to end conscription is to stop having wars. Stop fighting against your fellow human beings. Stop killing your fellow brothers. The earth is given to us human beings to have, not to kill others we have never met or give it to a group of elites. I also believe that we don’t need an authoritative tyrant like those in the military to teach us to become nice to others. Try to teach yourself one instead. And also, conscription is becoming a burden to tax-payers. Even if the conscripts are not being paid at all, there is still a cost for it. The firearms, food, uniform, etc…it all costs money.


Only if your homeland is under invasion, conscription could be justified for that.


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