The landslide victory of Rodrigo Duterte in 2016 elections in the philippines(Which is my country) had made me realized that people would rather give up their freedoms for the illusion of security than to actually look after their own lives.

Many earthlings in this world would prefer authoritative leaders because they want a sense of security that will give them ease of living, even if it costs them their civil liberties:

They also want comfort in their lives.

They want someone else to think for them.

They’re afraid to experience legitimate pain.

They fear about the future

And many other things…..

Why security is an illusion?

Let me explain this in three ways. First, we don’t get out of this life alive. There are always tragedies that will put our lives in danger so there can be no absolute security. That is the fact of life. Second, you can’t rely on the government. The quote of benjamin franklin says “Any society that give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both”. How is that? Well what if the government of the country you live in suddenly had a coup and turns into a dictatorship? Would you like that? Sort of. And lets say for instance, even if you don’t care about mass surveillance, would it be okay for you if they’re watching you while you’re taking a shower? I know you won’t like that. And what if the country suddenly collapses?  You might want want to defect from the country but what if like i said it is a dictatorship and you’re not allowed to leave there by your government? You’re going to have a hard time with it. And lastly, comfort will ruin your life. By relying on the government for your security, you are also craving for comfort in life. That’s not how life should work.

The Nanny States


Besides to my view about the illusion of security in danger, i also think that the security from myself is an illusion and in fact i believe that the idea of governments protecting me from myself is absurd. As some of you know, i’m not a huge fan of nanny-state laws. This is one of the reasons why i don’t like to permanently move to many western countries especially the USA and Australia. I really believe that people should let others live their lives as long as others aren’t interfering with their life/lifestyle. If they get sick from what they’re doing, then that should be their problem. Let them live their lives.  The people who does vices like alcohol and drugs are a bunch of dissatisfied people who don’t know how to cope with their problems. Do you think that pointing a gun at them while extorting them a fine will help at all? Well it doesn’t. That still didn’t stop some people from breaking these nanny-state laws. I believe that nanny state laws in a lot of cases deprives people of taking responsibilities. And speaking of responsibilities by the way, do you really need an “authority figure” to become responsible?

Just because a nation is listed as “free” or “totally  free” in some articles doesn’t mean they are. I don’t even think that the most of the western world is actually free. I would prefer to live in developing countries(but it depends on their political situation), especially countries in latin america because i believe that it is teaching people on how to look after themselves(Like in acapulco). If you believe that you truly live in a free country, why do you have to live in a society with a million laws?

 Mass Surveillance


I don’t want to be in a future where everyone knows everything about everyone else while being judged in the same time.  This shouldn’t be how culture work. It’s a nature for human beings to be judgemental but that doesn’t mean that we should also expose every negative thing about everyone. We are not perfect and we shouldn’t be expected to be one, and that isn’t following the path of evolution. We all have flaws and other negative aspects that will piss off some people.

Now, about the N.S.A., which had been exposed by Edward Snowden, they had been existed since 1952 had been spying on people for a long time without consent. From the internet to mobile phones, the N.S.A are using those as tools to spy on the populace. The people who says that “They don’t care about privacy”, they’re actually lying. Yet, they put passwords on their social media accounts and to their gadgets, especially to their mobile phones but the truth is they just prefer to tell the government about their personal information because, like i said earlier, they want comfort in their lives so they expect the government to provide them one. Also, the government is trying to scapegoat terrorism as an excuse for more surveillance. I don’t believe that you will be more safe with surveillance by governments. I don’t think that it will actually help track down or stop terrorists. You’re expecting that terrorism will be stopped with terrorism? It doesn’t actually help.


The mass surveillance is one of the main ambitions of every dictator of this planet. Those men had wished to know everything about the populace, which are who’s they’re with, what they think, what they like.  With that power, he will never be unseated because he will be 100% certain that now no one will ever challenge his power. Doesn’t this terrify you? That if once this happen, this world would surely turn into a prison camp. In that time there will be almost no way to put down that tyrant because he now knows what you’re planning. Trust me.

I don’t believe in governmental security so therefore i’m not willing to give up my liberty for the illusion of security

I’m not trying to say that we should not seek help at all but as much as possible we should take our own security in our own hands and start taking responsibility of our own lives. It is OUR responsibility to take care of our lives given to us by our mother earth…


Have a nice day/night to you all……

“Security is an Illusion. We don’t get out of life alive. None of us, so there can be no absolute security. That’s the certainty.”

– John Mcafee

“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure.”

-Helen Keller


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